Best Electric and Induction Cooktops

By Staff

Most pros might swear by gas, but electric (and especially induction) affords a host of advantages that simply can't be denied. Impressively wide temperature ranges and even heating are just a couple of these.

Whether you're looking to melt chocolate for a tasty dessert or sear the heck out of a sous vide steak, these cooktops can get it done. And rest assured, we've tested enough models to know exactly what separates the best from the rest.

Stuck with electric thanks to your new house's hookups? Lusting after that shiny new induction tech? We can help: Just take a look at our picks for the five best electric and induction cooktops available today. And be sure to click through for our full review of any model for more details.

Updated February 07, 2017

10.0 score Tested by Experts

KitchenAid KICU509XBL

The KICU509XBL cooktop is yet another great argument in favor of induction cooking. It performs as well as other induction cooktops we've tested, and offers cool features like a bridge burner and surprisingly excellent touch controls. The cooktop itself delivers low, even heat that'll melt chocolate without scorching, and blazing heat that boils water in 2 minutes. Without a doubt, this cooktop is worth every penny.

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Whirlpool GCI3061XB

A good cooktop delivers versatility, speed, and power. The Whirlpool Gold GCI3061XB nails all three thanks to its underlying induction tech, which makes it safer to use, more responsive, and easier to clean. And that's saying nothing of the fine control that covers a huge range of temperatures. It doesn’t have a flashy design, but it'll surely impress the neighbors. In our eyes, everything’s rosy with the GCI3061XB.

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Where to Buy
AppliancesConnection $1,209.10 Buy
Home Depot $1,214.10 Buy
Best Buy $1,214.99 Buy
Lowe's $1,214.00 Buy

Electrolux EW30IC60LS

We've been in love with induction cooktops for quite some time now. They boil incredibly quickly, hit temperatures out of the reach of gas ranges, and easily pinpoint the right setting. The keeps this love affair going, once again delivering induction's uniquely strong blend of performance and features. At an MSRP of $1,999, it's not a cheap cooktop. But with its design and impressive lab scores, it might not be a bad way to spend your kitchen remodel budget.

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Where to Buy
AppliancesConnection $1,658.10 Buy

Electrolux EW36IC60LS

The Electrolux EW36IC60LS (MSRP $2,199.00) induction cooktop is the larger 36-inch version of the EW30IC60LS we reviewed back in August 2013. At just under $2,200 ($2,099.00 for the all black model), this cooktop is by no means cheap. But what a prospective buyer may lose in financial solvency, they will gain in useful features and truly impressive performance.

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Where to Buy
AppliancesConnection $1,838.10 Buy
Home Depot $1,844.10 Buy

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