2016 Best of Year Range, Oven, and Cooktop Awards

Whether you're broiling a steak or melting chocolate, these are the appliances you should buy.

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For some folks, cooking is a joy. For others, it’s a necessity. But everyone needs a way to heat up food—even if they’re just defrosting a pizza. That’s why we test cooking appliances with real food, making everything from cookies to pork shoulders, and taking measurements throughout the process.

Whether you want a high-tech range that makes it easier for you to cook new things, or a simple cooktop that doesn’t get between you and your recipes, these are the best ovens, ranges, and cooktops of 2016.

Best Wall Oven: GE Café CT9050SHSS

Ge cafe ct9050shss
  • Best of Year 2016

If you want a great oven for baking, convection, and roasting, this GE is our pick. It excelled in all our tests, and helped us make food that was consistently delicious.

But the CT9050 has some other tricks up its sleeve, too. An easy-to-see strip of lights under the handle—GE calls it Notification Lighting—will start to glow when the oven is preheated, and slowly disappear as the timer counts down.

The CT9050 is also the first oven to be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition, so you can tell it to start preheating or to set a timer even if your hands are busy or dirty. Read our full review.

Best Gas Cooktop: Thermador SGSX365FS

  • Best of Year 2016

Thermador may be best known for its high-end appliances, but the SGSX365FS 36-inch cooktop is a luxury worth spending a little extra for. That’s because it has a wider temperature range than nearly every other gas cooktop on the market.

The ExtraLow setting cycles burners on and off for a precise simmer, while powerful star-shaped burners had no problem getting our test pans hot enough to sear a steak. Plus, it feels sturdy and looks great. What else could you ask for in an appliance? Read our full review.

Best Electric Cooktop: Whirlpool W5CE3024XB

  • Best of Year 2016

If you need to replace an existing electric cooktop, we think this 30-inch ceramic model from Whirlpool is a good, affordable choice. Its style will blend in with any kitchen, and a price tag under $400 will fit any budget. Read our full review.

Best Induction Cooktop: Whirlpool GCI3061XB

Whirlpool gci3061xb
  • Best of Year 2016

Induction uses magnets to heat pans directly for faster heat and better control. The 30-inch Whirlpool GCI3061XB can replace an existing electric cooktop, but speeds up boiling and makes it easier to do delicate tasks like melting chocolate or butter.

In our tests, we found that it could boil six cups of water in just over two minutes. After cooking, we thought the smooth surface was particularly easy to clean. Read our full review.

Best Gas Range: Samsung Chef Collection NX58H9950WS

Samsung nx58h9950ws
  • Best of Year 2016

First things first: This is one good looking range. We like how all controls are at the front and angled towards the user, and how the control panel will guide the user by only lighting up relevant features.

We’re also fans of the Flex Duo system, which allows users to put a divider in the middle of the oven so they can cook at two different temperatures at the same time. Whether you need a big oven or two smaller ones, this range can do both. And no matter how many items you’re cooking, superb multi-rack convection and even heating means they’ll be delicious. Read our full review.

Best Electric Range: Samsung NE59J7850WS

Samsung ne59j7850ws
  • Best of Year 2016

It’s rare to find a convection oven in stainless steel that’s also this affordable, but this Samsung doesn’t stop there. In our tests, we found the NE59J7850WS easy to use, and appreciated that we got consistent results.

The NE59J7850WS includes the Flex Duo system, which can divide its spacious oven into two smaller ovens for cooking multiple items at once. When the Flex Duo divider is in place, a clever door handle and hinged door lets chefs open the whole oven, or just the top part. Read our full review.

Best Induction Range: Frigidaire FGIF3061NF

Frigidaire fgif3061nf
  • Best of Year 2016

Induction is the cooking technology of the future. While gas and electric cooking rely on indirect heating, induction uses magnets to heat pans directly for better control and quicker boiling.

This affordable Frigidaire range is one of the least expensive ways to put induction in your kitchen, and it’s also a great range overall. In addition to all the benefits of induction, it features a spacious convection oven down below. Read our full review.

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