• Whirlpool partners with Mexican talent to design appliance art.

Multicultural Microwaves

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Whirlpool partners with Mexican talent to design appliance art.

Who says appliances can't be works of art? To celebrate its 10th anniversary in the country, Whirlpool Mexico collaborated with local artists in to add a distinct, cultural touch to the company's products. The subject of the project was the Whirlpool Max Art curved microwave (WMC20005YD). TOCTOC, a networking platform working to promote local talent, engaged the art collective Los Contratistas to give the already attractive product a decidedly local design.

Los Contratistas took the doors of 50 Max Art microwaves and gave them each a unique cover. None of them are available for sale, unfortunately, as all of them are quite stunning. Filmmaker Javier Garza Yañez put together a short Vimeo documentary detailing the entire process, which you can check out here. In the meantime, several of the microwaves were on display at CES, which we present for your viewing pleasure.

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