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Design Guru Nate Berkus Talks LG Appliances, New TV Show

An interview with one of the biggest names in interior design.

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Nate Berkus has worn many hats––TV talk show host, frequent Oprah guest, writer, actor, and the list goes on—but his heart remains in design.

In the past, he and his design firm have collaborated with Target and other major retailers to bring attractive, functional, even adorable design to the masses. Here in Las Vegas at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, Berkus spoke about his new partnership with LG, and his role in developing the company's line of Studio appliances.

Nate also took the opportunity to tell us about his new TV show. Starting March 23rd, he will produce, host, and serve as a judge on the new design competition show American Dream Builders on NBC. The weekly show will highlight 12 accomplished designers as they transform two homes each week "from the wall studs all the way back."

Read more about the LG Studio line of appliances here.

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