Dacor Brings a Gas Flame at the Touch of a Button

It's a whole new way to cook with gas.

Touch-sensitive controls aren't anything new, but gas ovens have traditionally made do with knobs.

Until now.

Dacor, the high-end appliance manufacturer from City of Industry, California, has come out with a new gas cooktop that uses touch-sensitive electronic controls to turn on burners, set timers, and even automatically schedule a burner to shut off after a set time.

Called the Discovery Gas TouchTop, it debuted at the Architectural Digest Home Design show in New York City. Its five burners sit in the sort of sleek, black glass that's usually reserved for radiant heat or induction, but these are all gas—including a removable wok burner.

The Dacor Discovery Gas TouchTop View Larger

Not only does the glass cooktop look good, but it's also easy to clean. For instance, it got pretty dirty on the Architectural Digest show floor, but it took a company representative less than a minute to wash it down with glass cleaner and a paper towel. We have to imagine a grease-covered glass cooktop will be easier to clean than stainless.

The Dacor Discovery Gas TouchTop has a removable wok grate over its largest burner. View Larger

The cooktop's timer function looks like it will be especially useful for chefs cooking more than one item at once. Instead of keeping an eye on the clock, they can set a burner to automatically turn off after any number of minutes.

Touch controls also let Dacor install a child safety lockout and a residual heat indicator—features that are already common on electric rangetops but seldom found on gas models.

The Discovery Gas TouchTop will debut on the 36-inch DYTT365GB. It is expected to sell for $2,299 when it arrives late this summer.

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