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Ask the experts kenmore

Ask the Experts: Who makes Kenmore?

This popular brand doesn't make its own appliances. Who does?

Frigondas hero beer

You’ll soon be able to buy a microwave that will chill your beer in minutes

The Frigondas microwave freezer can chill a beer, freeze food, and cook a meal.

Tomato and meat

We tried an oven that cooks by 'listening' to your food—and it’s amazing

Forget all the other so-called smart ovens—the Miele Dialog oven may just be how we cook in the future.


Don't ruin your recipe with the wrong measuring cup

Here's why you need two kinds of measuring cups—and how to use them


Everyone is cooking with turmeric—here’s why you should be, too

Everyone's putting turmeric in their lattes. Why?

Yogurt hero

Here’s how you can save money and make your own yogurt at home

You'll never want to go back to store-bought.

3647297881 63de0151a6 o original

Beat the heat this summer and cook oven-free

You can still cook a real meal without heating up your home.


I made a 30-minute pot roast in a microwave… and it wasn’t terrible

Busy? Impatient? This microwave pressure cooker makes food fast.


This bagel is made of coffee—Can it replace your morning cup?

We tried Einstein Bros.’s Espresso Buzz Bagel to see how it fits into our morning routine.

Avocado hero

Can this avocado hack really ripen your avocado in 10 minutes?

This avocado hack claims to ripen avocados in 10 min—but does it work?

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