GE JT5000SFSS 30-Inch Single Electric Wall Oven Review

It blends features and performance—and blends in, too.

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There are several variations of the GE JT5000SFSS. These include the GE JT5000DFBB and GE JT5000DFWW. They are very similar to the GE JT5000SFSS in most respects.

The GE JT5000SFSS (MSRP $1,900) single wall oven is a capable—if uninspired—appliance that gets the job done with minimal fuss. The 5.0-cubic-foot capacity oven is one of the largest you can buy, and is an upgrade from the entry-level GE JT3000SFSS.

Along with a standard baking element, it features a true convection cooking system that circulates heated air throughout the cavity for more even baking results. If you like this oven enough to want two, check out the GE JT5500SFSS double wall oven, which sells for about $2,500 on sale.

We spent a week testing the GE JT5000SFSS, and grew fond of its features. Our tests showed it was adept at almost all cooking tasks, there is little that separates it from the glut of wall ovens on the market. If you're loyal to GE and want to get an oven that matches a suite of appliances, the JT5000SFSS is a good choice. However, for those with no brand loyalty, this GE may not prove attractive enough.

How It Looks

#### Unmistakably a wall oven.

The GE JT5000SFSS is your archetypal transitional style wall oven: It comfortably toes the line between rugged, pro-style lines and modern, European simplicity. Overall, we think it’s a pretty good looking oven that ultimately blends into the background.

As befits an appliance that costs just shy of $2,000, the JT5000SFSS has a number of added features and conveniences that should make the act of cooking a bit more pleasurable—or at the very least easier. The Glass Touch control panel is a step up from the usual push-button variants, and the interior halogen lights let you see your food with little trouble.

GE JT5000SFSS Controls
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The Glass Touch controls are a welcome addition to the oven. View Larger

GE has also included two cleaning modes. Users can either use the steam cleaning option to address minor spills or stains, while the longer pyrolytic mode burns away encrusted grim and dirt. As an added bonus, the racks can be left in the oven during the pyrolytic cleaning cycle, and we wish more manufacturers would take a page from GE’s book in this regard.

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Finally, the JT5000SFSS comes with the GE Fit Guarantee. This means that if the oven does not fit into any standard, existing cabinet cut-out, GE will pay up to $300 for renovations necessary to install it.


How It Cooks

Pretty darn OK

Slightly pedestrian appearances aside, the GE JT5000SFSS packs some noteworthy cooking performance into its unassuming frame. Our baking tests revealed a few issues with cooking evenness when using the standard bake setting: Portions of our test food were noticeably darker than others and any food not placed in the center of the cavity suffered from general unevenness.

GE JT5000SFSS Interior Detail and Convection Fan
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The oven racks can be safely left in the oven during the self-clean cycle. View Larger

However, the convection setting alleviated most of the aforementioned evenness issues. We would recommend it over the standard setting for most cooking tasks—apart from the occasional soufflé, of course.

Those who fancy a bit of browning will be happy to know that the JT5000SFSS’s broiler proved pretty capable. The eight-pass element heated up in no time and should have no trouble grilling up some steaks or adding the finishing touches to a roast.

GE JT5000SFSS Broiler
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The eight pass broiler heated up in no time. View Larger

The one area where the JT5000SFSS truly disappointed was in preheating speed. Both the standard and convection settings took over 14 minutes to reach 350°F. That may seem fast, but we only consider a sub-ten minute preheat to be acceptable.

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GE's warranty covers replacement of defective parts due to faulty materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. These parts will be replaced free of charge and GE will cover the costs of labor and installation.

Why We Like It

It never let us down

GE JT5000SFSS In Use
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The convection setting resulted in impressive evenness in our bake tests. View Larger

"Like" perfectly describes our feelings regarding the GE JT5000SFSS.

Make no mistake—it’s a good oven with a pleasing design and some useful features. However, it lacks that special something that pushes it into the “must buy” category.

As the appliance you are likely to interact with most often, the oven has earned a spot at the heart of the kitchen. It stands to reason that you’ll want to buy one that you enjoy using. The JT5000SFSS may not wow with luxurious features, but its large interior and convection settings make it a perfectly capable cooking companion.

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